Third Eye for Better Diagnosis


The Third Eye is the sixth chakra and closely connected with the crown. The ability to perceive energies is an important prerequisite for energy diagnosis and a successful treatment. Here the Third Eye plays an essential role. It is the ‘Seat of Insight’. The Third Eye and the heart chakra play a vital part in Energy Medicine.

The Third Eye has three functions: receptive insight, perceiving energies, and an active, clarifying function.

Receptive insight

of the Third Eye means the ability to look into the nature of things (e.g. diseases) and understand how they are interrelated. Every kind of visual recognition, of seeing – including the ability to perceive energies – is a function of the Third Eye and belongs here. It means looking beyond the surface of things and realizing the meaning of a piece of art, for example, or the meaning of dreams. The ability to perceive energies can be directed toward energy fields that are stable, radiant and healthy as well as to blocked and stagnant energy fields.

When the ability of receptive insight is strongly developed, it raises awareness, heightens intuition, and enhances visionary abilities. Thinking is then characterized as clear understanding and concise discernment.

The active function

of the Third Eye helps to clarify diffuse energy patterns, which are found in many diseases, and to open them out. Dysfunctional patterns may become more apparent. As a result, the patient may find it easier to appreciate the causes underlying a particular disorder, becoming aware of the sensations, emotions, and thought patterns underlying a headache, for example, or any other chronic condition.

The Third Eye's clarifying function can be used during the session by either the therapist or the patient, when he starts to open his Third Eye. We talk of ‘the opening of the Third Eye’ when the area of the forehead comes increasingly into focus and the awareness stays there. Third Eye energy has a subtle quality and a gentle, clear and cool character.

In no way does the above give a full account of the Third Eye’s practical implication. Only by practicing the relevant exercises to develop its potential will this ‘organ’ be fully experienced and available for therapy.

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