Chakra Flow Meditation II

For Chakra Opening and Enlightening the Mind

Gabriel Stux


Starting with the Crown

To start meditation the patients sit comfortably on chairs. The therapist is giving instructions, starting with the crown chakra, saying:

“Awareness is moving to  the top of the head ..... Here  the crown chakra is opening … opening more … becoming wide open … and wider open …. light and energy is flowing into the crown and further down filling the chest…. filling the heart space”

Then after a short break: „The crown is opening more, getting wide open wider and expanding … energy is flowing into it from above, down into the chest, into the heart space ….. filling the whole chest, which expands, opens, widens.”

The soul, which is considered to be the 8th chakra is located above the crown. It connects after a few sessions with the heart chakra and later with other major energy centers. The soul connection is bringing in a intensive flow of light into the body.

Holding the hands in a circular position like in Qi Gong can help to promote the opening of the chakra and the deepening of the energy.

The flow from the crown chakra is then directed to the 3rd eye chakra on the forehead and to the throat chakra by the following instructions:

„The energy from the crown chakra flows into the forehead … and this area becomes bright  and clear.”

After several repetitions we move to the throat chakra.

After the flow of energy has been firmly established within the upper chakras, the therapist guides the flow into the abdomen, the 3rd chakra, and further down into the pelvic space, the 2nd and 1st chakra.

Often the 3rd chakra has a high density and only little transparency, which makes it necessary to stay with it longer before moving to the next chakra. The flow from the heart into the abdomen is therefore emphasized and intensively practised.


“From the heart chakra we feel a stream of energy flowing into the abdomen, into the 3rd chakra …  filling this space…….which steadily becomes lighter and more transparent.”

Once the flow from the crown to the base chakra has become strong, the reverse flow can be introduced - from the base chakra upwards:

„The energy of the earth is flowing from below into the base chakra into the pelvic floor, slowly moving upwards … further upwards filling the pelvic space … further into the lower abdomen…..the upper abdomen……into the chest and the heart space ….  further and upwards….into the upper chakras.”

This way - by keeping up a persistent guidance - the flow of the earth energy is  intensified. Usually the chakra meditation takes 20-30 minutes. Beginners should practice once or two times daily; later 10-20 minutes of practice. Chakra meditation can also complement acupuncture sessions. Acupuncture furthers the flow of life force through the chakras and vica versa.


In my experience over more than twenty years, these methods have not resulted in any adverse effects, as may occur with some types of qigong with less emphasis on strong ‘grounding’ as central to the work. Anyone using these modalities is invited to send me their feedback



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