Chakra Flow Meditation I

Gabriel Stux

Chakra Flow Meditation has been developed by the author as methods of Energy Medicine that extends and supplements Chinese medicine, into one practice as well as integrating the Indian concept of the chakra system.

Hand Position - Additionally to deep breathing and awareness the patient is holding his hands in a circle in front of the pelvic region and later in front of the chest. Qi gong hand position, the use of breathing into organ space and the deepend focus of awareness are essential for this meditation practice.

Focusing the conscious awareness is essential for the method of chakra meditation. By an intensive cooperation of the patient he is taking responsibility for the treatment results. The connection of soul, heart and other energy centers activates the spiritual level in the energy field promoting more flow of light on all levels.

Chakra meditation can be practised alone or in smal groups, to become familiar with it the guidance of a therapist is of significant importance. Chakra Flow Meditation is a guided meditation, which helps to open the chakras and the flow of life force through them. Direct instructions, like the ones used in the “autogeneus training” by Schulz, play a central role to enhance awareness and to activate the flow of life force within the chakras.


Five major chakra spaces

are known in the body, located in the pelvis, abdomen, heart, throat and cranium. This 5 energy spaces form together with the additional
2 spaces above and below the body the system of seven major chakras.
Chakras are spaces with 2 openings, one to the front and one to the back. The pelvic space and the cranium have 3 openings. The chakras, similar to the Chinese organs have certain functions. The most frequently used chakra point is Du 20 Baihui, which is situated in the center of the crown chakra. Du 20 Baihui is promoting an opening and a connection to the soul.


Balancing the Polarities

This variation of Chakra Flow Meditation is focusing on balancing the polarities  by using a different order of the chakras:

It is  starting with the heart space. Awareness is focused to the front oft he chest  into the wide open frontal heart space, later also into the back space of the heart. After about five minutes in the heart space the awareness  is moving from the heart to the soul space.

Soul space is seen as  the 8th chakra a big ball of light just 30 cm above the crown. Ofter this space is persived very lightfull by the patients. More light is felt by the patients after five minutes, awareness is enlightening more and more.

After 3 to 5 minutes with the awareness in the soul space the patients are moving down to the base into the  first chakra below the body. The hands in the base are in a Qi Gong position or touching the hip joint or the knees. The feet should have a good connection to the ground.

After 5 minutes at the base, awareness is focussed to the forehead to the third eye. From here after few minute awareness is moving to the pelvis, the second chakra.

The next center is the throut space the 5. Chakra.

The awareness is moving to the the space of the abdomen, the 3. Chakra. Next to the heart the starting space of this meditation.

This is chakra meditation order:

  • Heart space up to soul space down to base, the first chakra up to third eye 
  • dawn to pelvis, the second chakra up to 5. Chakra
  • down to 3. Chakra and up to heart space

Heart Chakra ist the Harmonizing Centre

When working with the seven chakras and the different modalities of using qi, the centrality of the Heart chakra is emphasized. It is the fourth chakra down from the crown or up from the base. It is also located in the centre of the chest, and is the chakra with exceptional healing energy. It harmonizes and balances, its main qualities being compassion, love and tolerance.

The associated acupuncture point is shanzhong (Ren-17). Adding four surrounding points at a distance of 1 cun from shanzhong intensifies its effect, just as with sishencong and baihui. Furthermore, shendao (Du-11) on the back can be chosen as a supplement. These six points help to activate and open the Heart chakra. Additionally the patient holds his hands in a circle in front of the chest and uses the breath to focus awareness there. The therapist may support the patient by saying: ‘Allow your heart to open’.

The combination of acupuncture, awareness of the breath, and qigong hand positions lead to a further opening of the Heart, an expansion and strengthening of its energy, so that eventually the patient experiences a widening of the Heart space and will feel more joyful and humorous. This in turn helps him to become more conscious of this chakra.

A further opening of the Heart chakra can be achieved during an acupuncture session when both the therapist and patient direct their awareness to the heart chakra and hold it there. Happy thoughts or childlike play also activate this chakra, bringing about a compassionate and healing energy. The Heart’s warmth and joy expand and flow into the Lung, and from there into the whole body. The Regions of the body that are cold, such as the Lung or Kidney, are also warmed by the heart. The way in which the ‘warm heart’ supports the flow of qi has a particularly healing effect, because it activates the shen (神) or spirit by which all the other organs are invigorated.

Perceiving Vital Energy with the Third Eye for Vision Inspiration and Intuition

The Third Eye is the sixth chakra and closely connected with the crown. The ability to perceive energies is an important prerequisite for vision and intuition. Here the Third Eye plays an essential role. It is the ‘Seat of Insight’. The Third Eye and the heart chakra play a vital part in Energy Medicine. The Third Eye has three functions: receptive insight, perceiving energies, and an active, clarifying function.

Receptive insight of the Third Eye means the ability to look into the nature of things
(e.g. Goethes: “Was die Welt im Innersten zusammenhält”) and to understand how they are interrelated. Every kind of visual recognition, of seeing – including the ability to perceive energies – is a function of the Third Eye and belongs here. It means looking beyond the surface of things and realizing the meaning of a piece of art, for example, or the meaning of dreams. The ability to perceive energies can be directed toward energy fields that are stable, radiant and healthy as well as to blocked and stagnant energy fields. When the ability of receptive insight is strongly developed, it raises awareness, heightens intuition, and enhances visionary abilities. Thinking is then characterized as clear understanding and concise discernment.

The locations and functions of the chakras described here are based more on my own therapeutic observations and experiences rather than the manifold literature on this subject, which is often contradictory.


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