Spiritual Acupuncture


This approach integrates the modalities described above, especially modalities one to four: Opening the crown, strengthening the base, expansion of the Heart through conscious breathing, increased awareness and qigong.

Spiritual acupuncture focuses on the light level of energy, starting by activating and opening the crown chakra. It focuses on the flow of energy and light from the eighth chakra, the soul (situated above the crown chakra), to the Heart and base, bringing a luminous quality of consciousness to the practice of acupuncture.

An increasing flow of light can be felt when putting the hands around the space of the crown chakra, holding them like a funnel. This helps the body to open upward towards the soul, which provides the inner light of consciousness. The soul, above the crown chakra, can be perceived as a ball of light by the Third Eye when the light of the soul moves down through the chakras into the body. When the patient feels the crown chakra distinctly open, the therapist moves on to the next chakra until reaching the base chakra, thus helping to connect with the energy of the Earth.


The locations and functions of the chakras described here are based more on my own therapeutic observations and experiences rather than the manifold literature on this subject, which is often contradictory. In my experience over more than twenty years, these methods have not resulted in any adverse effects, as may occur with some types of qigong with less emphasis on strong ‘grounding’ as central to the work.

Anyone using these modalities is invited to send me their feedback, at stuxgabriel@me.com.


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